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Crystal S.

"Based on a friend's suggestion, I wandered into a Pilates studio during April of last year. My body was closed and needed to be open to more movement. After my first lesson, Tylenol PM was required. I didn't know if this new world of strange movements had room for a big girl that didn't like to exercise. Then I ran into this teacher and her mat class. She was a rather demanding individual. It was hard yet intriguing. She recommended that I try her barre class as well. It was one of the most difficult challenges that my body has ever endured. I actually thought that I could stay home from class one night to relax. My phone rang. It was my teacher. She told me to return to class immediately and that it was not impossible for me to do. Class after class had me wondering why I was torturing myself. All of a sudden, things began to change for me. My posture improved. People started asking me if I was losing weight due to my new lean frame. My tight clothes were no longer tight. My body began to demand a healthier diet by rejecting food that was not good for it. Old habits required new rules. Summer now brings visions of me in a bikini which was never a consideration before now. My body is now able to do things that I never thought were possible. Meditation has also been incorporated into my busy week as a result of experiencing it in class. There is a better understanding of how the mind and body work together. A lifestyle change has been made through the guidance, support, and encouragement of Noevia."

Tim C.

"A lifetime of sports injuries and work-related posture stress left me with severe back and neck pain. I was diagnosed with three herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and scoliosis. After many months of physical therapy, three different chiropractors, and two osteopaths, I was no better and I was considering surgery. For the past four months I have been taking personal one-on-one Pilates sessions with Noevia at Pilates N Harmony and it’s made all the difference. Noevia is a great teacher with an expert understanding of the human anatomy. We are strengthening my core while opening up parts of my back and chest that were closed off from injuries. Already, I am seeing and experiencing many positive changes in my body, my posture, and my breathing. The pain is disappearing, my mobility has increased significantly, and I’m so much happier as a result. I’m glad I walked into Noevia’s studio at Pilates N Harmony four months ago and I’m so grateful for all her help!"

Roni F.

"Noevia's knowledge of the body's physiology and the mind's spirit coupled with her exact cuing makes her a rare professional worth following to any studio in wich she is teaching. She is an extraordinary teacher and anyone is fortunate to be student in her class... as long as you're prepared for a challenging work out!"

Michelle S.

"Thank you so much for your precious help in straightening out my body! I feel like my body is so much freer! It is amazing the changes in my body in less than a week!!! I am so glad i booked these private lessons with you. I am very happy you are making your dream come true by starting your own business in the pursuit of helping many feel better in their bodies. Keep up the good work!"

Lucianne A.

"This gem of a Pilates studio (and more!) is a rare find in downtown Hollywood. It's tucked away on Tyler Street across from the Post Office near Young Circle and has ample street parking. Studio owner and former ABT dancer Noevia Lopez, together with a talented team of passionate and dedicated fitness professionals provide a variety of inventive and engaging classes in a stunning, super-clean studio environment. Start the week with Janet Tamez's Zumba Core class and you'll walk away drenched with exhilaration. Noevia's Pilates Barre 2 class on Wednesday is an educational journey in technique and form and not to be missed. Demanding, but you'll appreciate it as your body transforms in shape. Remember, challenge creates change. Round out your week of intense training and reward yourself with Noevia's Complete Body Care Stretch class on Saturday morning. Ahhhhh.... They also have Yoga classes, so be sure to sample all they offer and you'll find a one-stop studio that meets most of your fitness and conditioning needs."

Arlene G.

"Kudos to the best pilates instructor ever. I just had my yearly bone density test and both my spine and hip showed an increase of 2%. I now have a case of mild osteopenia and have been taken off medication I could not have accomplished this without Noevia's expertise, help and guidance. She is simply the best!!"

Jessica T.

"I have exercised all my life and began pilates at Pilates N Harmony about a year ago. Today, I am pregnant with my first baby and my Dr. has imposed certain limitations on the kind of exercise I perform – i.e. cutting out my running routines. I have to admit that for a cardio-loving, exercise fanatic, I have found a refuge in pre-natal pilates. It makes me feel in touch with my body while it undergoes these weird but wonderful changes. I still have that self awareness of how each muscle can move on its own and love how even though a huge belly is growing in front of me, I have not lost control of it. Not to mention that my pilates-improved posture makes me look leaner in photos!!!! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to look and feel good to come and try out a class at Pilates N Harmony. Addicting!!!!"

Gerry B.

"I am deeply grateful for the help I have gotten through pilates "Physical Therapy" at Pilates N Harmony. For the last 40 years I have suffered from severe back pain, have been hospitalized, have tried many methods including physical trainers, medications and massage. No prior attempts have had any lasting effect. Since my private lessons with Noevia at Pilates N Harmony began eight months ago, I have been developing core strength which has remarkably reduced my back pain. I look forward to continued progress with the positive energy being received at Pilates N Harmony."



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