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Although it may appear deceptively easy to the eye, Pilates is a fundamental part of many world-class athletes training regimens. From sports athletes, to dancers and celebrities, Pilates is the most sought after approach to exercise today. In short, Pilates is a series of exercises that can be done on a mat or using multiple different apparatuses that provide additional resistance. These exercises are designed to engage your breath, concentration and core muscles while you stretch and strengthen your entire body. The approach is not only graceful and easy on your joints, but also equally challenging and intense. When performed properly under the correct supervision Pilates can restore that natural curves of the spine and ease pressure and pain from joints and tights muscles.

At Pilates N Harmony we believe the first principal of class is concentration. We seek to bring you to a calm, relaxed and meditative mind. From there you will develop the highest level of concentration, free of inhibitions and insecurities you will be able to work on self. Our instruction is imaginative, motivating and supportive. Our environment is designed to be a tranquil and safe place to feel free and uninhibited.

Well if you haven’t picked up a magazine or fitness book or watched television in the past couple of years, you might not be aware that it is the hottest thing. But it isn’t a new thing. Pilates was developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates. Although he never intended for it to be named after him, it was originally called “Contrology.” Plagued with rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever, Joe was a sick kid and used exercise such as yoga, boxing, gymnastics and bodybuilding to overcome his physical limitations. During WWI Joe was alienated from his country of birth (Germany). He was served as a volunteer in hospitals attaching springs to beds to help bed ridden patients exercise. This led to many of his later equipment designs. After the war Joe returned to Germany where the army tried to recruit him as a trainer. Joe fled to the US where he met his wife Clara a nurse who was instrumental in his success, Over the years Joseph Pilates continued perfecting his technique and it finally paid off in the 1960, when business flourished when dancers from New York City Ballet and Martha Graham Dance Co. frequented his studio. He also trained various celebrities like Katherine Hepburn and Laurence Olivier, Joseph Pilates died at the age of 86 due to excessive smoke inhalation during a fire in his 8th Ave Studio earlier that year. His wife Clara and his students carried his work into the future.

YES. There are children privates available every week. Children must be 8 or older.

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